New Pursuits: Leather Working
Queens, NY

I decided for the new year to start seriously pursuing my interest in leather working. Acquiring some new (old) sewing machines was first on my list.

First, was a beautiful 1952 PFAFF 130, semi-industrial, showroom model with maple table and the best thread stand I have ever seen! This machine is great for general sewing and some heavier materials as well.

I searched high and low for another Singer 1300-2 like my mothers but I now believe not another one exists; HARDENCO has the only other I've seen.. Jealous. Instead I found a pristine Singer 251-6, solid straight stitch machine, easily handles 2-3 layers of 4 oz. leather.

Now I just need to find the infamous Singer 111w155!

January 2014


Apron for a Friend
Hortonville, WI/New Orleans, LA

Recently I pieced together an apron for an amazing woodworking friend- Matthew Holdren in New Orleans. The leather came from a local legend of sorts- Danny, who hangs out in my mother's tailoring shop in Hortonville, WI. He walked in one day and asked if I wanted the leather from an armchair he was throwing out.. of course! Within an hour, he was back with two full paper bags for me. The suede side was in great condition so it became this apron.. And a few other things!

Classic welding apron design with additional pencil/soapstone pockets:

Seams reinforced with brass rivets and extra stitching:

Durable hardware, pocket detail:

Looking forward to pictures after it has gotten some good use!

December 2013


Upper West Side, Manhattan

A recent gilding job..

November 2013


Rug Weaving and Loom Construction
Queens, New York

I have fond memories as a child using a bumble bee weaver; small plastic square frame with pegs that supports woven fabric loops. I made countless pot holders in every imaginable pattern and color combination. The possibility of expanding the format to weave rugs has always intrigued me so recently I decided to go for it! A simple loom was built with 1x2's with roofing nails for the pegs. The loops were made from 60" wide gray cotton, about 10 yards. Here is the result:

I've adapted the loom from this rug to make a smaller, bath mat sized rug with in the works now. I'll add pictures of the loom construction as well as some new weaving techniques soon.

September 2013


Casheesh New Year
Brian Morris Gallery
Lower East Side, NYC

Three small sculptures in are the works for the Casheesh New Year show! The theme of the series is derived from a found object sculpture, Sad Song, which I made a few years ago. I did not have a chance to come back to this vein of my work until recently and I anxiously anticipate the opening of the show!

A big thanks to Noah Post for putting this show together!

December 2012


Copper Wind Sculpture
Savannah, GA

Copper, brass, stainless steel, steel, aluminum

I recently took a second look at this wind sculpture I made two years ago. The copper tiles are attached to a steel framework with a combination of different metals and handmade fasteners. The tiles catch in the breeze and reflect warm tones of light. By now, the metals have oxidized based on their individual properties while collectively changing the tone of the kinetic surface.



Now, this sculpture has appropriately found a permanent home in the flower garden.

September 2011


Sedum Planter
Appleton, WI


August 2011


Red Cotton Tote
Appleton, WI


July 2011


Hand-painted sign for Keg & Lantern
22 ft x 15 in
Brooklyn, NY


Placing stencils..

Painting in progress..

Main text complete, using aluminum paint..

June 2011


Platform Bench Study
Atlanta, GA

Design: George Nelson
Material: Poplar
H: 16 in
W: 4 ft
D: 20 in

Test fitting joinery..

Glue, clamp..

Applying multiple clear coats..

Legs fastened..

End detail..


April 2011


Guns or Butter
Atlanta, GA

Installation Assistant
Andrew F. Scott

Laser cut cardboard..



All nine missiles constructed with Shannon Slane.

March 2011